About Grupo Sentry


Grupo Sentry has been working in Mexico since the 1970s when its predecessor company produced Rolls-Royce engines under license in their facilities in Puebla.

Over the years Grupo Sentry have built or marketed and sold many different types of rotating and reciprocating engines, generation and compression packages & other associated equipment.

Grupo Sentry Outside of Mexico

Grupo Sentry employees have worked in a number of countries around the world, including the USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Trinidad, Chile, Abu Dhabi, Germany and Australia.

British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that promotes trade and investment between Mexico and the UK through a series of events, seminars and networking. The Chamber is independent of any government and is a self-supporting organization, currently of 380 members. The Chamber in collaboration with its strategic business sector groups serves and provides companies with a top quality programmer of events and networking opportunities in Mexico.

British Business Centre Mexico

The British Business Centre Mexico is a joint venture between UKTI Mexico and the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, with support from the British Government. It is also part of the overseas business network initiative and as an accredited organization, is part of the British Chambers of Commerce network in the UK.

Grupo Sentry, represents or collaborates with a large group of international companies key in the mexican market in the area of Power Gen, Oil, Gas.

Based in Hengelo the Netherlands since 1991. OPRA Turbines Developes, manufactures, markets and maintains generator sets in the 2MW power range using the OP16 series of gas turbines. Utilizing proven radial gas turbine technology, the OP16 gas turbine is a compact, efficient and reliable industrial gas turbine designed for supplying power generation applications to both the Oil & Gas and Industrial markets.

Created to provide the oil and gas industry with a broad range of services and solutions for reciprocating engine and compressor users in the gas compression and power industry. With more than 100 years of industry experience, RTS is positioned as a leading after-market services company. RTS serves upstream, midstream and downstream businesses with the ultimate goal of improving equipment reliability, performance and operations.

Designs, manufactures, repairs, and supports turboexpander products for the Oil & Gas, Industrial gas, and Energy recovery industries. turboexpander equipment ranging from 100HP to 21,000HP is manufactured in modern and highly equipped 90,000 square foot facility. L.A. Turbine engineers solutions to fit process conditions and the needs of customers in any location worldwide. All products are designed to increase safety and reliability as well as minimize maintenance costs and equipment down-time.

Specializes in critical control applications where safety, reliability, and performance are of most importance. UCG design and build high reliability Unit Control Systems for reciprocating gas engines, gas turbines, compressors and their associated packaged systems, station control systems, safety control systems. UCG also provide; field service support, training, and installation & commissioning of new and retrofit control systems.

Over 30 years of industrial experience into the oil and gas industry. Serving the upstream, midstream and downstream businesses, they specialize in improving equipment reliability, performance and optimization. TTS can offer the diversified solutions required to meet the increasing demands of companies’ oil and gas needs.

World leader in the design and manufacture of high performance gearboxes for industrial and marine applications. Allen Gears Services has all the skills and knowledge required to deliver service support for any gearbox, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Head Office – Mexico City

Regional Office – Dos Bocas, Paraiso, Tabasco

Grupo Sentry believes that quality is our main competitive advantage and that success depends on supplying quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Grupo Sentry and its partners, contractors, suppliers & employees are committed to protecting the HS&E (Health, Safety and Environment) of fellow employees, clients and the public by endeavoring to adhere to all regulatory and industrial standards in all aspects of our business, encouraging safe work, environmental protection and always striving towards excellence in health, safety and environmental practices and as an integral part of our total quality management system.